Brief History

After years of internal struggle, Mozambique has settled and is quickly becoming one of the most sought after hunting destinations in Africa. It is an ideal destination for those seeking the real wild, Africa in it's natural beauty.  Mozambique of "old" was once a highly regarded safari destination, made famous by the likes of Wally Johnson, Werner von Alvensleben and Harry Manners.

Mozambique became a Portuguese colony in 1884 but then gained it's independence in June of 1975 after it's brutal campaign  from 1962-1975 against Portuguese colonial rule. But, there was much instability and a total lack of knowledge on how to govern and run Mozambique through it's failure of socialism. Which in turn led to civil war between the two main factions Renamo and Frelimo. Finally after the country had been brought to it's knee's the civil war ended in October of 1992 with the Rome General Peace Accords.

Today Mozambique has taken a unique path to repair the damage caused by years of civil war and "white flight". Slowly things turned to normal.  The United Nations began to clear land mines, and the new government started to rebuild the shattered economy.  After a few brave hunters had been to Mozambique after years of turmoil, the success stories started to filter home to the International hunting community.  Today Mozambique is no longer the stepchild of African hunting. Many concessions became available with great outfitters engaging in anti-poaching exercises in their relevant areas. The Mozambican people are very friendly and see hunting in a positive light.  Many of the communities benefit both financially and through gaining much needed protein from the meat that safari hunters provide. The Mozambique government today views the safari industry in a positive light and sees sustainable safari hunting as a valuable conservation tool.

Hunting areas

Hunting in Mozambique is conducted in Coutada 9 area, here you will have a true wild african hunting experience.  The area is 220 000 hectares and has some of the most magnificent terrain ranging from large sand rivers, miombo woodland, combretum savanna, panga panga forests, to rocky granite outcrops.  A wide diversity of plains-game occurs along side big game such as Elephant, Buffalo, Leopard and Lion.

Coutada 9 was once one of the most famous hunting blocks in Africa under Safrique and Adelino Pires.  Unfortunately the area suffered heavily under the turmoil of the Mozambique liberation and civil wars of the past, ending in 1986. The area has bounced back due to a very effective anti-poaching program as well as educating local communities and ploughing a portion of the hunting income back to the local people for schools,clinics and a range of other programs.

Hunting clients can fly into Chimoi ( 3 1/2 hour drive to camp ) Beira ( 6hrs drive) or Tete ( 3 hours ) to get to Coutada 9

We also offer some hunts in the Marromeu in the Southern Zambezi Delta area, Coutada 11 and 12, for buffalo and a wide range of plains-game animals

Animals you can hunt Mozambique areas

The large diversity of plains-game that can be hunted in Mozambique are, Sable, Lichtenstein's hartebeest, oribi, red duiker, blue duiker, common duiker, suni, kudu, eland, warthog, bush-pig, yellow baboon, Chobe bushbuck ,nyala, Impala, zebra, waterbuck, reedbuck, hippo, crocodile, as well as buffalo, leopard, lion and elephant. Unfortunately because the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service still does not recognize the elephant quota, it currently will not allow the import of Mozambican elephant trophies, however it does allow leopard imports into the USA.

Hunting season is best in Mozambique from August - November due to the very late rains they have every year. Please note Mozambique does have Malaria and Tsetse fly, so please take precautions.                                 .