History of Pete Barnard Safaris

Formerly Bvekenya Safaris

Pete Barnard Safaris formerly Bvekenya Safaris has been privately owned and operated by Pete Barnard since 1994 and is based in Zimbabwe. The name "Bvekenya" pronounced VeKenya (silent B), is derived from Pete's ancestor, Stephanus Cecil Rutgerd Barnard. Bvekenya is a Shangaan word which means "the one who swaggers when he walks". Cecil obtained his nickname from having suffered a severe dose of sunburn between his legs. Cecil was born in 1886 in South Africa on a small farm, his father of Scots descent and his mother, mixed Dutch/Irish. In 1910 he packed his bags with his trusty .303 and followed the Great North Road.

Bvekenya was a notorious elephant poacher, and did all his hunting on the borders between Mozambique, South Africa and the then Rhodesia, in an area known as Crook's Corner. His life story is told in the book entitled "The Ivory Trail" and written by T.V. Bulpin.

Pete Barnard
Professional Hunter/Guide


In Short Pete Barnard Safaris, operates in various areas around Zimbabwe and Tanzania. We have now branched into Zambia, Mozambique, South Africa and Australia. Locations are determined by what our clients wish to hunt, but we have built our reputation over the years by taking our clients to only the 

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Stephanus Cecil Rutgerd Barnard “Bvekenya”