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Meet the team

           Pete Barnard
Born in 1973, Pete was raised on a tobacco farm in Zimbabwe. He is fluent in English, Shona, Afrikaans and Swahili. His hobbies include: spearfishing; mountain climbing; squash and cricket

Qualifying as a professional hunter in 1994, he is set to follow in his legendary relative's footsteps - Ivory Hunter, Bvekenya Barnard. Pete, however has also built a successful reputation of his own over the last two decades with his unique sense of humour and skill as a PH. Pete has hunted in Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Tanzania, Cameroon, South Africa and Australia
           Pete Wood
Pete Wood was born on the 24th December 1975, and attained his Zimbabwe professional hunters license in 1999. With a vast amount of experience, Pete has guided many successful hunts in Zimbabwe,Mozambique, C.A.R,Cameroon and Zambia. Pete follows in the footsteps of his great grandfather who shot over 900 elephants while he was a ivory hunter. Pete is always passionate about the chase. His hobbies include lots of golf and spearfishing..
           Pete Creighton
Pete Creighton grew up on his family's tobacco farm in the Zambezi valley escarpment area where dealing with wildlife as well as hunting dangerous game was a common necessity. Pete attained his license in 2010 after a 4 year apprenticeship in Zimbabwe.

Pete hunts extensively in Zimbabwe and is licensed as a ph in Mozambique as well.

           Andy Hunter
Andy Hunter was born in 1962 and has had many many years of experience in the wildlife industry. Having spent his early years as a senior game ranger from 1981-1988 for the Zimbabwe National Parks and wildlife department. He attained his Zimbabwe PH license is 1987, and soon after leaving the parks department, embarked on his professional hunting career. Andy has hunted extensively in Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Mozambique, South Africa and Botswana. Andy spearheads a very important anti-poaching operation in the Zambezi valley of Zimbabwe.
           Manager Mutaiwa
An exceptionally hardworking and loyal member of the team, Manager is of the shona tribe he has been with Pete Barnard Safaris for many years.
A proficient skinner, driver and tracker he also has expert knowledge of the bush and it’s inhabitants.
         Emmanuel Gwidiri

Emmanuel is head tracker and a skinner.

He hails from the Shangaan tribe (Save Valley Conservancy area) and is a valuable member of our team.
           Misheck (In Memorium)

Mischeck was a great friend and incredible tracker, who was tragically killed by a buffalo in 2008 while on time off in his village. He is sorely missed by all.


Pete Barnard
SCI Master Measurer.
Winner of best antelope in Zimbabwe 2001 -
Winner of best Buffalo
in Zimbabwe 2003 -
Winner of best buffalo in Zimbabwe 2012 .

We only use the very best in hunting vehicles and equipment. All our vehicles are fully rigged out to make your hunt as comfortable as possible. Our Professional hunters are seasoned men with many years of experience behind them and all thrive on success and making your hunt as enjoyable an experience as possible.