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Included in Daily rates:

  • All camp accommodation during the safari.
  • Services of fully licensed and experienced professional hunter (PH)
  • Services of trackers and skinners
  • All meals, drinks and laundry
  • 4-wheel drive land cruisers / pick ups with medical kits field preparation of trophies.

    Safaris will be confirmed on receipt of a 50% deposit of the daily rate. Please note that this deposit is non-refundable if a hunt is cancelled less than 6 months prior to commencement of said hunt. However, bookings may, without penalty, be shifted to an alternative date within the booking year / season (depending on availability) or transferred to another person.

    The balance of the daily rate is due 30 days prior to the commencement of the safari. All other payments are settled at the end of the hunt in camp.

    All payments are to be made in US dollars.

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  • What to Bring

    Climate, clothing and equipment:

    Evenings and early mornings in the winter months ( April - August) can be chilly, so a warm jacket is recommended. Daytime temperatures even in the winter can be hot and obviously very hot in the summer. Comfortable breathable clothing is necessary. We recommend that you bring 3 sets of lightweight safari outfits. Other items that are important are binoculars, travel adaptor, knife, rifle and ammunition,soft rifle bag to keep dust off your rifle while hunting. Camera, sunglasses, hat, flashlight and plenty spare batteries, ear plugs, sunscreen and insect repellant.You may want to bring some candy and snacks as well as some energy drink powders if you feel the urge for these. Well worn-in walking shoes, other clothing personal toiletries and medications your may require. Laundry service is available in all accommodations. The best colours to wear for hunting are natural khaki, green or brown. Please note: Military camouflage is prohibited in most African countries.

    Firearms and ammunition:

    We recommend that you bring your own firearm that you are familiar with. The choice of firearm is entirely up to the client. However, National Parks regulations in Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Zambia and Tanzania require minimum calibers for certain species. For heavy thick skinned animals such as buffalo, hippo, lion, eland and elephant, a minimum caliber of .375 or bigger is required. For all the smaller soft skinned animals a .270 upwards is fine. We recommend that for ammunition you may want to choose from a range of solids and soft points such as Barnes X, Swift A Frame, Trophy Bonded bear claw, Woodleigh hydro shock and Federal.In our experience these are the only 5 bullet manufactures that have never failed us. We trust these bullets more than any of the other brands on the market. You should bring at least 20 rounds of solids and 40 rounds of soft points depending on what you are hunting. Please note that all ammunition brought into most african countries requires a firearm of the same calibre to accompany it.

    Please also remember to bring Trophy Tags with your name address etc / or shipping details of taxidermist if necessary. Please see download lists to the left hand column. Download and fill in approriate forms.